Muir Holburn - Selected Poems

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Gladly? Now We Explore The Silent Alleys

I crave an elegy that mourns all things,

You who would reserve dismay

Birth Of An Elegant Slum

Qualitative Change

To A Lady Folded in Sorrow

Age Group 1922

For Cecily

Australian Film Studio


Spectres: i. In the colossal and voidful shallows of an old house,

Spectres: ii. The good nun rode in a basin of wan light

Spectres: iii. Basil My Boarder

Spectres: iv. The Epitaph

Spectres: v. Springshots

Spectres: vi. Miss Ulelia Harris

Spectres: vii. The Mother Watching

Spectres: viii. The Bequest

Christmas 1942

Virgin Youth


Like Longfellow‘s ugly Standish I have sent

Long Division

Prelude to a Poem on Edmund Kennedy

The Dandenongs...Sunday Evening


I wonder if the world shall break

For Time (Go easy, Time)

On the Promenade

Dame Mary Gilmore (Overland Oct 55)

Two Calls (Overland April 57)

Peter Shearwin Chapman (Overland Oct. 58)

A World of Good (Southerly 4, 51)

Dressing Station (A Comment 16)



Extra Poems




When will the firm wind hush and whisper through the fertile loam,


The Travel

Soldier Before a City

Danse Mexicane

Manly Beach




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