Muir Holburn - Selected Poems

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Cover the long loved hills, O hikers and hunters;

To the chirping towers of trees and the rosesoft skyline

Pay loverlike attentions and receive

The lingering solves of their inscrutable discourse.


O fervent followers of arduous routes

Leading to life, O you talented

Tenants of hubs and listeners to traffic,

Draw deeply from this rustling animation.


That scales the priestly rocks and secretive gullies!

From Sherbrook’s swaying limbs and whispered raptures,

From the immodest and affluent fingerings of the sun

Take new wit for your tongue, for your eyes eagerness.


With vigour in the tart affirmative morning

By an early moon with quiescence and nostalgia,

Cover your hills and reaches, but beware

Lest you make fetich of the ferns and waters.


These tracks have no future—here is nothing decided.

Only where men are grouped in streets of ferment

Do the hot yeasts of love conjoin with life.

Only man’s breath is seed for your good dreams.


Beware such famished totems as would wind

Chokers of fustian about your heart

So you may age, your wincing mind an album

Of nefarious irritations and prolix thwarts.


Amid the sweets of days take of this sweet

Stuff for a rich exchange of deed and speeches,

For thus shall men ever they hear your laughter

And grasp your hand long after you are dead.







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© Copyright Muir Holburn 2010