Muir Holburn




Muir Holburn


In memory of my father, Muir Holburn.


My father died when I was nine. I only knew him as a nine year-old. All I have of him now are fragments. These pages are some of those fragments I have left of him. He was a poet, writer and playwright and a public servant.

Here are some articles about him and also a book of poems written in the 1940s and 1950s.


If you knew Muir, I would welcome you to contact me.


Kim Holburn




Muir Holburn was a writer and public servant. He wrote poetry from an early age and was published in various literary magazines including those produced by the English Dept. at Sydney University where he was a student; in 1951 he won the Sydney Morning Herald poetry prize. With his wife, Marjorie Pizer he edited 'Creeve Roe', a volume of Victor Daley's verse published in 1947. He worked for the NSW Dept. of Tourist Activities as a publicity officer and journalist as well as writing reviews and articles for literary magazines. Holburn was president of the Fellowship of Australian Writers, 1948-1950 and was vice-president when he died in 1960. He had been working on a definitive edition of Charles Harpur's poetry for several years.

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